Chris Evans and Dee

I want to compliment you on your products, I have tried many from the Kingston Market stall, at least one per week when I am at home and enjoyed all of them. 

Dee was born with food in his DNA.

His earliest memories are the smell of cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods whilst watching his grandmother baking and he grew up in a food orientated household.

His mother, a passionate cook who was never afraid to dabble with new ingredients and recipes, would prepare exotic dishes and try them out on her kids at teatime. Often refused by his siblings in favour of something ‘normal’ Dee eagerly tried and gained new textures, tastes and ideas by the day. His parents encouraged their boy to try anything on the menu on family outings and he often surprised them with his bold choices. No chicken nuggets for this 6 year old, make that frog’s legs s’il vous plait.

He watched from the side lines as his mother built a successful outside catering business in the family kitchen acting as chief taster whenever asked and even when not. So the day she announced she’d bought a restaurant and was transferring the family to Essex, Dee didn’t bat an eyelid. His teenage years were spent under her guidance both on the floor and in the kitchen. His early career was under some of the best and most demanding chefs in Britain and together with long periods of time in Italy, where food is central to life, a strong sense of quality from source to plate was instilled and the work ethic of only ever doing something properly became irreversible.

A few years back Dee entered a pie competition and won it hands down. Since then the awards have come in thick and fast and the interest from both public and trade has spurred him on a search for the Perfect Pie. A strong believer in the quality of ingredients and the knowledge of the importance of British products in the market place, Dee will always favour the local quality producer. His research has shown that even the so called ‘quality’ end of the market are adding a maximum of 50% meat, most between a 25-30% ratio. In Dee’s book, ‘This ain’t proper.’


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